Mental Strength – The Key To Peak Performance

Mental Strength is a term commonly used by coaches, sport psychologists, sport commentators, as well as athletes. This term describes a collection of mental attributes that allow a person to achieve peak performance and persevere through difficult circumstances. Examples include, off season requirements, difficult training programs, competitive situations, everyday life and finding the balance between all of them.

Mental strength also refers to a specific mindset that empowers individuals to deal with difficult situations. Sports professionals freely use the term mental toughness to describe the mindset of an individual who pushes through challenging situations in order to succeed.

The greatest tool an athlete has is their mind. Our mind not only controls our breathing, our beating heart, and the rest our body, but it is also responsible for all performances, good and bad.

It’s a known fact talent and physical skill play an enormous role in every successful achievement. Not many people understand the importance the mind plays in attaining peak performance. In fact, our mind is the most powerful piece of equipment we’ll ever own.

Once you understand the power of the mind, you’ll be able to help your clients use it to their advantage, so they can achieve peak performance.

As a Mental Strength Coach you will help your clients:

  • Manage performance anxiety
  • Use visualization and imagery to reach peak performance
  • Increase and maintain confidence
  • Improve and maintain levels of motivation
  • Relax under pressure
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Manage energy levels
  • Use routines to be consistent in reaching peak performances
  • Bounce back from injuries and setbacks
  • Manage and address conflicts
  • Focus in critical moments and extend the duration of your concentration

Characteristics of Mental Strength 

  • Resilience and the ability to bounce back or deal with adversity
  • Motivation to do your best, regardless of the situation
  • The ability to stay focused on the task at hand during important competitive moments
  • The ability to remain poised when the pressure is on during competition
  • The proficiency in creating a systematized process for peak performance

When is Mental Strength Coaching Useful?

Here’s a great video talking about the importance of a “mental” coach.

Many athletes, coaches and parents are confused about the role of Mental Strength Coaching in regards to athletic performance. The goal of Mental Strength Coaching is to help individuals attain peak performance by improving the necessary mental skills to excel in stressful situations. It also concentrates on guiding individuals to break through the mental barriers that keep them from performing up to their potential in all areas of life.

Mental Strength Coaching seeks to achieve the overall goal of steady improvement, consistent peak performance, and breaking through mental resistance that holds an athlete back. This program will also give you the tools needed to excel in other areas of life such as:

  • Sales Performance
  • Sports Performance
  • Athletic Performance
  • Fitness Performance
  • Business Performance
  • Personal Development
  • Personal Success

Approved for CrossFit and NSCA CEU’s!

The Importance of a Mental Strength Coach

When a client is engaged in a training program, they typically get good results because they are held accountable. It’s when they leave the facility and trainer the mind chatter starts. Mind chatter is an unconscious habit of thinking useless and unproductive thoughts.  This occurs because trainers normally only address the physical and not the mental.

The intent of the Mental Strength Coaching Program is to give athletic coaches, trainers, and strength and conditioning coaches mental strength tools.  These tools will assist them in helping their clients consistently make progress and reach their goals.

Take A Tour Of The Program

Here’s a brief video tour of what to expect after you join the program today.

Effective Communication for Peak Performance

It’s been my experience of 25+ years in executive sales, 20+ years in the fitness industry and 5+ years as a personal peak performance coach that lasting change occurs when the professional can communicate effectively with their client.

This communication involves understanding how the client thinks, why they think this way and offer tools to help them think in a more empowering way. This is why I developed the Mental Strength Coaching Program.

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The course is divided into three sections to acheive peak performance:

  1. Personal Coaching
  2. Mind Training
  3. Mental Strength

Personal Coaching

The Personal Coaching section goes over what personal coaching is. Many people think that coaching is telling the client what to do. This is true when it comes to technical coaching, i.e. sports performance and exercise. This method of telling is not effective for changing habitual thinking and behavior. Coaching to change a behavior is more than just telling a client to stop doing something. When a professional coach/trainer understands this they will truly be able to “coach” their clients to new results.

Mind Training

The Mind Training section goes over some basic NLP (neuro-linguists programming) techniques and how people process information. When a coach understands HOW a client thinks they will be able to communicate at the same “level,” and then get the results they are both looking for.

Mental Strength

The final section, Mental Strength, goes over the four basic mental strength tools used by the Navy SEAL’s and high level athletes around the word. The tools covered are goal setting, self-talk, mental rehearsal and energy management. By effectively utilizing these tools your clients will be able access “the zone” or the state of flow.

The purpose of this unique program is for you, as specialized Mental Strength Coach, to work with your clients on both their mental and physical training. This will separate you from other trainers as well as empower your clients to exceed their goals!

Approved for NSCA and CrossFit CEU’s

What Makes The Mental Strength Coaching Program Different?

1. Designed with Best Mindset Material Available

Unlike other programs that focus on one aspect of coaching, this program incorporates the best of several practices. I’ve included material from life coaching, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), neuro-science, positive psychology, sports psychology and other sources that support the development of mental strength and peak performance.

2. Learn the Same Mental Strength Skills Used by Peak Performance Professionals.

The higher the talent, the greater the need for mental strength. Peak performance professionals, especially athletes, are under enormous pressure to perform well. They all have outstanding talent and skills, and the only thing that sets one apart from the other is their mental strength. With the information in this program you’ll find out how to “program” your clients mind for success.

3. Self-Paced and Affordable

Until now, mental strength training has been reserved only for those who could afford to hire a one-on-one mental strength trainer or sports psychologist. It’s been a long standing dream of mine that everyone could have access to customized mental training, regardless of income level, skill level or location.

Mental strength coaching and training is a fairly new and highly specialized arena. Individualized mental strength training is expensive – typically thousands of dollars.

Warrior Mind Coaching started the Mental Strength Coaching Program to make this information available to anyone wanting to learn more about mental strength and peak performance. There is no other course like this out there! In fact, I’m so confident in this course, I offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. After you have completed the entire program and put the information to use for 30 days, I’ll refund your entire investment if you’re not completely satisfied.

If you were to hire to me to teach you this material one-on-one, it would cost you at least $5,000 plus travel and living expenses. At a low  price of $397, the course offers a significant savings. In addition, there is no annual membership fee required!

The Mental Strength Coaching Program offers powerful strategies to give any individual the tools to reach their peak performance!

The Mental Strength Coaching Program is designed for:

  • Personal trainers who want to work more effectively with individuals and teach them the mental skills to enhance and reach their desired goals.
  • Coaches who want to uncover mental obstacles, develop strategies to overcome them and to instill confidence, focus, and composure in their athletes.
  • Athletic trainers who want to utilize mental strength coaching with their clients to help them triumph over mental obstacles that have been holding them back.
  • Athletic coaches and sport psychologists in training who want to supplement their studies with proven mental strength strategies and an effective mental strength training system.
  • Managers who want to help their team improve their mindset with a proven system.

And that’s just a small sample of how you’ll be able to assist your clients!

You’ll Personally Learn:

  • The fundamentals of coaching, is not what you might think.
  • The essentials of how the mind works, and how to control it.
  • The four critical mental strength tools that are required to achieve every worthwhile goal.
  • And much more…

Benefits of the Mental Strength Coaching Program

For Personal Trainers and Strength and Conditioning Coaches, you will:

  • Know how to really coach your clients for amazing and lasting results
  • Understand how the mind plays a role in strength and fitness development
  • Understand what’s holding them back from levels of elite fitness
  • How to breakthrough limiting beliefs to reach peak performance
  • Help clients come up with their own solutions
  • Use as an “add on” service to generate more income
  • Use as a value added to charge more per session

For Sport, Team and Athletic Performance Coaches, you will:


  • Learn the 4 key mental strength tools
  • Learn the essential mental strength skills
  • Coach your athlete into “the zone” more often to achieve peak performance
  • Have the tools necessary to deal with “life” situations to ensure focus and confidence
  • Know how to develop a mental strength playbook for optimum performance
  • Be able to manage defeat and negative emotions
  • Become a more valuable asset to your team and/or athlete

The Program Outline

In this program you will receive 9 training modules and over 80 course units. To see the complete outline please click on the “Outline” tab at the top of the page. At this time the Mental Strength Coaching Program is being offered for only $397. When you take advantage of the “open during construction” special of $397 you will have lifetime access to the material and any future content being added.

Bonuses and Resources

In addition to all the knowledge and training you get,  you’ll also receive a copy of:

  • Mental Strength for Athletic Performance – The Athletic and Sports specialization information is focused on coaching competitive athletes.
  • Athletic Evaluation Manual -This manual addresses the disciplines and focal points of testing and documents the rationale, equipment and resources required, protocols and procedures and scoring mechanisms for complete athletic evaluation.
  • Mental Strength for Tennis Athletes – Focusing on tennis performance, this e-book covers some of the major concerns tennis athletes encounter on and off the court.
  • Mental Strength for Fitness and Weight Loss – The Fitness and Weight Loss specialization information is focused on coaching a client looking to lose weight and become fitter and healthier.
  • Athletic Movement Manual – Athletic Movement is much more than simply memorizing exciting drills and exercises. It is about the never ending pursuit of the knowledge and understanding of how the body truly functions and how we as Trainers can continue to push the limits to make it function better.
  • Mental Strength Assessment – Use this tool to determine your athlete’s or client current state of mental strength then use the information to develop a mental strength program.
  • The Art and Science of Selling Fitness – This book is a collection of essays on fitness sales that shares the strategies, tactics, and mindset we’ve used to revolutionize the businesses of fitness professionals around the globe. I’m completely confident it can help you out, too.
  • Coaching Tools – To use with your current and future clients

Total Value of Bonuses = $259.00!

Also, I’ll be providing coaching tools like client intake, goal setting, and time management forms. You’ll have the ability to download and use these tools with your clients.  These resources have been developed over the past five years in my coaching practice and you’ll have access to them for life!

Go ahead and get started on your Mental Strength Coaching Program today!